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Airport transfer

18€00 24h/24h

Marrakech texis First you should know that in Morocco there are “small taxis”, often old-style Fiat Uno, Peugeot 205, becoming Dacia Logan, and “big taxis”, all Mercedes .. .souvent very old. Their replacement by Dacia Lodgy is ongoing. Taxis in Morocco have a different color according to the city they are affiliated. In Marrakech, they are beige-cream.

At the airport :
After police and customs formalities, you finally leave the airport. So now that you will regret not having chosen the private vehicle proposed by the riad (Van type car, air-conditioned, chauffeur awaits you even - in case of delay - in the hall of the airport, and escort you to the door of the riad). And yes, it is the beginning of what we call “the great Moroccan history”, which, as I often say to our guests, is never dangerous, but often painful … There is today at the airport a “coordinator” who takes care of the distribution of passengers in taxis. Drivers seem to obey, so it becomes complicated to negotiate. But I have often found that it is a place of Homeric discussions … a little tense (taxi / cab, customers / taxis). And as you have only few options to get from the airport to the riad (except the bus / shuttle # 19, every 30 minutes, the price is 30 DH / person, which made a stop on Djemaa el Fna square, prices rise very quickly especially if there is high demand. The rate official posted at the airport of small taxis to the city center is 70 DH and 100 DH for large taxis . Supplement + 50% in the evening. But then again, the prices are often much higher, doubled or even tripled … Mainly The arrival and departure, we recommend you to use our transfer service from the Airport: no endless negotiations, a price calculated at the fair (only € 18 for 2 to 6 people, 24h / 24, 7/7). For this, simply contact us by mail, the details of your flight, with the name of the company, the arrival time and provenance. You pay nothing for the driver, you will pay at the riad upon departure.

Small taxis :
It is a way to move very quickly in Marrakech. They can not get out of the city and do not have the right to take more than 3 people. Support is 1.6 DH for the race. There are officially no luggage surcharge. They all have a counter (that works or not …). Again, negotiation is often the rule. If the driver does not want you, you do not take offense, it’s not because you’re scaring him or that your head is not for him, but he just does not go in your direction .. . There are also Taxis Verts, who have green only the name since they are beige too, with a badge “Green Taxi”. Connected to a PBX (+ 212 524 409 494), you order them, and they arrive a few minutes later instead asked (note: the minutes are sometimes long in Morocco, and the place must be accessible by car, which is not always the case in Medina). The price to pay is displayed on the meter, with an additional 10 to add the day DH and 15 DH night. It is a formula that I find very convenient especially at the exit of a restaurant.

Big taxis : They did not count and are used by Moroccans for journeys between suburbs, the surrounding villages, and to the main cities of Morocco. They are collective (6 passengers plus the driver or 3 people at the front and 4 rear, ambiance sardines box warranty). The privatized for a day trip or excursion is possible, but in this case, you are a tourist, which explains the intergalactic leap just made the price … In town, opt for small taxis. For excursions, choose our official company that has all the amenities. It is much more safer: the drivers of big taxis are often real kamikazes of the road … Take a (small) taxi in town: - Basic principle: Move away from small stations and tourist spots, otherwise they agree between them-and it is impossible to get the price down (obviously abusive). Catch a on the fly, they are everywhere in the city, at any time. The ideal is that a person installs beside the driver (as do Moroccans and residents), which shows that you are an insider.

Negotiating or not negotiating?

. Negotiation: Most taxis do not put the meter. If he does not want to set the counter, show that you are confident, but not negotiate for hours. Be firm, but be reasonable: a few dirhams do not deserve to blow the monitor … And if the situation seems no positive outcome, close the door and go to the next, politely and with a smile, of course!.

. Alternative strategy: do not negotiate. In this case, place it into the small taxi (ideally in front), say where you go, and especially not to speak of the price! With any luck, he will put the meter. If he does not turn it, and according to the distance traveled, pay on arrival 20-30 DH (1.80 to 2.70 €) with beautiful assurance of “one who knows” how much it really costs that shows generous (because you are), followed by a joyful “thank you and goodbye”, and everyone is benefiting; it is nearly double the price paid by Moroccans! The possible pour driver is therefore a theatrical posture: he just hoped to have a little more. At night, count from 30 to 40 DH. It is clear that the output of a night club or a good restaurant that sells bottled water to 60 DH (and taxis know the prices), it is closer to 60 than 30 …

In any case, keep smiling: you’re on vacation!