This is the imperial city and the tourist capital of the country forever. More than a million Marrakchis live in the third city of the kingdom “Marrakech.” It is also called the RED city because of red of all buildings and houses in the city.


The official language is Arabic in Morocco. The second language is French.

Taxis in Marrakech

If you do not want to use public transport (very inexpensive and relatively well served), take taxis, but insist because some forget the meter even if the practice is less common. The prices are very low (compared to France for example). Les Petits Taxis can not leave Marrakech. At night the price is legally increased by 50% but you often must negotiate the course, especially out of nightclubs. For your longer trips outside Marrakech, you will take the Grands Taxis (price negotiable).

Marrakech GUIDES

If you want to visit in or near Marrakech, there are the true guides (with badges) and false guides who approach you under cover of a banal discussion (to be avoided because the police chases). 200 dirhams starting the day.


2 hours shift in the summer. If 14 hours in Morocco, it is 16 hours in France. 1 hour shift in the winter. If 14 hours in Morocco, it is 15 hours in France.


Even if the water is drinkable, we recommend the bottled water sold everywhere in Morocco (Sidi Ali, Sidi Harazem, Danone, Sky, etc …)

HEALTH in Marrakech

Many pharmacies in Marrakech, we find almost all the usual medications. Private hospitals are of good comfort and general practitioners very professional. So no worries on that side. Beware of sunstroke. Side food and Moroccan specialties, there is no risk.


All prices are questionable (except in some stores reported). You will have to negotiate, trade, appreciate, take your time and stay calm. Beware of “antiques” and avoid expensive copies (Lacoste, Rolex, etc …) that may cause you trouble at the airport back to Europe.


They are at your discretion. Beware that people are still poor and that your generosity will be greatly appreciated by Moroccans (guards, waiters, maids, vendors, miscellaneous personal). As for the parking of cars, let the day five dirhams and 10 dirhams night, you’ll be a prince.


In Morocco, what is lost is lost, there is no place to bring the findings and often what you’ve lost will make happy someone else. Do not head in the air especially in taxis.

SECURITY In Marrakech

Whether for your children or for yourself, Marrakech is a safe city where crime is minimal. Do not go out with bundles of money from your pockets and do not leave your wallet or camera, the temptation is universal. Beware of pickpockets on the Jemaa El Fna